Educational Programs

Theresa Francois is a former preschool special education teacher and school administrator. She holds a master’s degree in special education and a school administrator’s license. She now performs full time as Franee the Clown. As Franee the Clown, Theresa brings the important messages of healthy eating, reading to your classroom in a highly interactive comedy magic show. Theresa will also custom make a show for a theme you provide.

Behind the Scenes With Franee the Clown


 In this 45 minute "funshop" the audience watches as the character of "Franee the Clown" is created right before their eyes. While she applies makeup and dons her costume, Franee explains the basics of clowning, makeup, props and comedy magic. All of this culminates in a brief comedy magic show that will leave the audience in stitches!


BANANAS1.59151816_stdGo Bananas With Franee the Clown

In this exciting and interactive show Franee the Clown introduces the children to the importance of a good diet and exercise. Using puppets, music, and comedy magic, Franee performs a unique fun filled show that helps children discover the five food groups and healthy alternatives to junk food.


stuff 155.JPGBecome a Bookworm With Franee the Clown

In this 45 minute “funshop”, Franee the Clown invites the children to learn the importance of everyday reading. Along with her cohort, Bobby the Book, Franee uses comedy magic, music and much more to illustrate how reading can be fun and educational.